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 "You Gotta Eat Here!" will feature Naina's on Season 4
                        to be aired Spring 2015

           2014 YYC Burger Week Runner-Up in 
                         the $15 category  

              2013 YYC Burger Week Winner       

             Naina:   noun \ˈnīn\ (nina) - Grandma in Welsh

Welcome to Naina's Kitchen

Think back to the times you visited Grandma's, remember the wonderful aromas that hit you as you came in the door. Your mouth would start to water and you couldn't wait to see what was coming. Comfort was the word.

That's exactly what we have created at Naina's - home-made meals using fresh ingredients.

In our kitchen, everything is made from scratch - the fries and burgers, the mac'n cheese, the salads, the baked goods, and the list goes on.

Comfort food at its best!!


Avenue Calgary - Best Summer Food 2013

Van Rosendaal                           Calgary Herald



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