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Knights of the Round search for the best burger in Calgary

Wunder Bun -  This place knocked me head over heels harder than a juggler wearing a red thong in a bull pen. . . humble quiet atmosphere where you sit and talk about real things with good pals until an amazing burger is ready to have you.

Flavour Sabre - Discovering a place like this is why we started the quest. . . I urge you to make the trip and give this place a try. . . Support this local business, as she is making a good go of it and has the best burger in town to date.

White Gravy - I’m talking about having pride in the food that comes out of your kitchen and then taking delight in seeing your visitors wolf it down with zest and enthusiasm. Honest food gang...there isn’t enough of it anymore but you can find it at Naina’s in spades. . .you get that neat feeling of being an insider...part of a culinary secret that too few Calgarians are aware of. Enjoy it....because we hope that Naina’s hard work pays off and the crowds soon follow. 

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This is the Ultimate Hidden Gem . . .  Could this be one of the best burgers I’ve had in Calgary, YES! This a very casual place with a nice variety on the menu and you can tell love and care is put into the food they make . . . If you love burgers you have to go check Naina’s Kitchen out as soon as you can. This is one hidden gem I hope that doesn’t become hidden anymore. It’s that good and everyone needs to know about itClick here to read full review.

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Fantastic!!!  byShaun B(1 review)

I work in the area and just found this Gem last week. The stuffed burgers are out of this world, easily the best in Calgary. The place is a bit hidden away but well worth stopping by.

Lunch time HEAVEN!  by58Studebaker(2 reviews)

I was in here again for lunch today and it was fantastic. Again. Today's special was a mushroom and chicken pot pie and I have to tell you it was one of the best I have ever had. It came with my choice of a soup or salad (i opted for the soup, which was also great). The portion was generous and the sauce that the muchrooms and chicken were cooked in was creamy, thick and seasoned perfectly. It wasn't all gravy either, there were large and plentiful pieces of chicken and muchrooms. What a great way to spend a lunch hour!

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  The Sun's Brunch Review 

If decent food, great prices and the genuine flavour which is often offered by a friendly, family-run affair still sells, it has a lot of potential.

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