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Stuffed Burgers
1/2lb Alberta beef burger stuffed with your choice of ingredients. Dressed with lettuce, mayo, ketchup, mustard, and pickles.
Stuffed with 1 item $16.50
Stuffed with 2 items $17.50
Stuffed with unlimited items $18.50                 
Cheddar        Bacon               Cream Cheese     Ham        Swiss  
Pulled Pork        Mozza          Fresh Tomato      Feta         Mushroom 
Blue Cheese       Fresh Jalapeno   BBQ Sauce       Raw Onion     
Granny Smith Apple          Sautéed Onion            Spinach          
Caramelized Onion       Sun Dried Tomato        Pineapple
Add Buffalo Chicken inside your Burger  $1.75  

Nainalicious Stuffed Burger                $17.95
Stuffed with sweet pulled pork, aged cheddar, tart Granny Smith apple, and caramelized onions

Bacon Mac n Cheese Stuffed Burger   $17.95 Stuffed with our creamy mac n cheese, bacon and even more cheese

Poutine Stuffed Burger                      $17.95
Stuffed with fries, curds and gravy!

Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Burger          $17.95
Stuffed with cream cheese, fresh jalapenos and fried jalapenos. Dressed with lettuce and ranch dressing.

Elvis Stuffed Burger                          $17.95
Stuffed with Peanut Butter, Banana and Bacon. Dressed with Peanut Butter and Banana. The King would be proud!

Veggie Stuffed Burger                       $16.75
A seasoned black eyed pea burger stuffed with bell peppers and fresh spinach, topped with caramelized onions. Dressed with spinach, tomato and mayo.  

All burgers served with choice of soup, salad or fries.
Upgrade to a traditional ½ Poutine $4.75    

Naina’s Mac n Cheese                           $15.50
Personalize your mac n cheese by adding your favourite ingredients. Bacon                                            Jalapeno Pulled Pork                                   Mushroom
Ham                                              Spinach
Blue Cheese                                 Green Peppers
Grilled / Buffalo Chicken               Fresh Tomato
Sun Dried Tomatoes                      Caramelized / Sautéed Onion               
    $3.75 ea                                               $2.75 ea                                                                     
Traditional Poutine                     Half    $6.75                                               
                                                   Full    $13.00
Made with Hutterite potatoes, fresh curds and our rich, house made gravy.
Make your poutine extra special with:
Extra Cheese Curds                        Jalapeno
Mozza                                            Mushroom
Aged Cheddar                               Sautéed Onion
Blue Cheese                                  Caramelized Onion
Pulled Pork                                   Green Pepper Bacon                                           Fresh Tomato
Grilled / Buffalo Chicken               $2.00 ea ½ Poutine
Sun Dried Tomato                          $4.00 ea Full Poutine
$3.50 ea ½ Poutine
$7.00 ea Full Poutine 

Eggs Benny Poutine                              $14.75            
A half order of our fries & curds topped with ham, hollandaise and two poached eggs

Buffalo Chicken Poutine                        $10.25            
A half order of our traditional poutine topped with grilled buffalo chicken, green onion and drizzled with ranch dressing

Dill Pickle Poutine                                $8.95
A half order of our fries & curds topped with dill seasoning, dill pickles and tangy dill gravy. Warning!! Must love pickles!!   

Grilled Cheese

Maren’s                                          $11.75
Gooey grilled cheese of cheddar and mozza

ABC                                              $13.95
Apple, Bacon, Canadian cheddar & aged cheddar

Ultimate                                         $16.50
Triple decker grilled cheese of Canadian cheddar, mozza and swiss. Add bacon & caramelized onions +$4.50

Momma Says                                  $14.95
Eat your Veggies! Mozza, swiss, bell peppers, fresh spinach, caramelized onions, and sun dried tomatoes.

Old Faithful                                    $13.95
Bacon, tomato and cheddar. Add tomato soup and let the childhood memories abound!

Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese          $16.50
Canadian cheddar, mozza, grilled buffalo chicken, and green bell peppers. Served with ranch dipping sauce.

Chicken Caesar Grilled Cheese          $16.50
Roasted chicken smothered in our housemade Caesar dressing, bacon, green onions, and gooey mozza.

Cowboy                                          $16.50
Ham, bacon, BBQ sauce, Canadian cheddar, and aged cheddar.  

Naina’s Classic 1/4lb Burger              $13.75
4oz Alberta beef patty topped with bacon, Canadian cheddar, tomato, and lettuce. Dressed with old school burger sauce, pickles and diced onion.  

Clubhouse                                      $16.95
This is a sandwich you definitely don’t try to cut into 4!  

All sandwiches served with choice of soup, salad or fries.
Upgrade to a traditional ½ Poutine $4.75

Soup  Always homemade                         Cup $4.50
Tomato                                                     Bowl $8.00
Soup of the Day – Ask your server for details  

Kids Meals                                         $8.00
Includes kid’s pop or juice. Milk or Choc Milk +$1.00
Hamburger – served with fries or apple slices
Grilled Cheese – served with fries or apple slices
Mac n Cheese
PB & J – served with fries or apple slices
Cheese Pizza  

½ Order Fries   $4.00         Side Caesar       $5.25
Full Fries           $6.50         Caesar Upgrade $1.50
Gravy                 $1.50         Side Salad         $4.75
Mayo                  $1.50      Mac n Cheese    $8.00      
Curry Mayo        $1.50                                                                                                                                     
  Gluten Free Options Available                                                                              
18% Gratuity added to groups of 10 or more