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Naina's Kitchen is not only a family business with three generations contributing to its success but it is a work family as well.

          Maren Elizabeth was the impetus for creating the Naina's Kitchen concept. With almost six years at the former location, Maren went from a toddler to a little girl who is sure that she will run Naina's when she grows up.
          Erin Elizabeth (the Mommy) is the owner/manager and the brains behind the organization. She has a degree in Business Administration in Hospitality and Tourism from the Universty of New Brunswick. After working in Dubai for four years culminating in a position as a Food and Beverage Manager, Erin returned to Canada for the birth of her daughter. Prior to moving to Calgary in 2008, she managed a hotel in British Columbia. More recently, she developed an events planning business and created the Naina's Kitchen concept. 

          Kelly Wendy (the Naina) has been an educator (teacher, instructor and principal), small business owner (The Basket Case), renovator (home projects) and decorator. Kelly is Erin's support, acting as a sounding board, offering advice, and cheerleading.

           Chef Alexander Court came from Ontario specifically to work at Naina's.  Trained as a Red Seal Chef, he brings a wealth of experience having worked in the industry for over 15 years.