5 Best Electric Vegetable Chopper in India 2022

Chopping vegetables can be a time-consuming chore. With the right vegetable chopper, you’ll save yourself some time and effort. A good vegetable chopper should make chopping vegetables easy and efficient.

It’s important to have a tool that will cut up your veggies quickly so you don’t have to spend too much time on this task. We’ve researched the 5 best electric vegetable chopper that fits your needs perfectly.

5 Best Vegetable Choppers in India 2022

#1. Borosil Chef Delite Chopper

Borosil Chef Delite Chopper

The ‘chop-serve-n-store’ chopper is here to make your daily cooking easy or like its name suggests it makes your cooking a delightful experience because you will not have to worry about chopping on the board.

Borosil chopper has two blades, a single blade, and a dual blade for fine chopping of the vegetables, so the size of the vegetables does not vary.


  • The container is dishwasher safe
  • Low noise motor with auto cut off for the safety
  • Portable and easy to use


  • Not useful for grinding hard items
  • Not useful for processing very thin liquid products

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#2. Prestige PEC Electric Chopper

Prestige PEC Electric Chopper

Prestige chopper comes with a twin blade technology for chopping your vegetables in a few minutes. Now you can prepare for your daily cooking without cutting on the board and making your kitchen messy. 


  • Can chop soft and hard food items
  • The powerful motor gives a fine chopping to the vegetables
  • Stainless steel blades


  • Not suitable for making pastes

#3. Inalsa Bullet Chopper

Inalsa Bullet Chopper

Inalsa bullet chopper comes with twin blade technology and a detachable double-layer stainless steel system that chops vegetables at the speed of a bullet train.

The chopper can chop items in coarse, medium, or fine as per your preference.


  • Easy press down the button and anti-slip base facility 
  • Convenient operation with efficient 400W motor
  • The bowl is dishwasher safe, provides extra durability, and is made from unbreakable ABS plastic


  • Can not fine grind or make purees and chutney

#4. Orpat Express Chopper

Orpat Express Chopper

Orpat express chopper is here to make your life a little easier in the kitchen. The all-in-one chopper which chops, minces, and makes puree is what is the need of every household.

The 700ml container has a powerful blade technology for easy chopping and the slippery base provides smooth functioning so that your work is finished in just a few minutes.


  • Powerful noiseless 250W motor
  • Suitable and convenient for making purees
  • The container is BPA free 


  • Costly

#5. Glen Mini Vegetable Chopper  

Glen Mini chopper is convenient and up to the needs of the daily requirements in the kitchen. It is compact and can fit in small places so you do not have to make a separate place for it.

The blades are of stainless steel which does not affect the food items and does not let them become rusty in taste. 


  • Powerful motor 200W 
  • ISI certified
  • Suitable for whisking eggs and cream
  • ABS plastic body for durable use


  • High cost in comparison of the features

Closing Thoughts 

Borosil Chef Delite Chopper and Prestige PEC Electric Chopper both are up to the requirements but are not suitable if you want to grind hard items like ice, nuts, or other frozen foods.

Orpat Express Chopper is as per the kitchen preferences of every household and has got every feature.

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